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What to expect:
  • Play Roblox and Create your Own Video Game World
  • Endless Creative Possibilities
  • Explore the Worlds Created by Other Players
  • A Thriving Community in a Sandbox World
  • Simple to Use, yet Detailed Building Experience
  • Download Games
  • PC Games
  • Apps
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  • Online Games
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Build your Own World for Free in Roblox!

Has it always been your dream to become a video game developer? This game allows you to create and try out other players’ creations.


To define Roblox as a mere video game would be quite the understatement. Instead of being just one game, the free-to-play software features a vast collection of eclectic and innovative games that are just waiting for you to be explored. What makes these games even more interesting is the fact that they all come from the minds and the imagination of the community behind the sandbox software.

Each game in the collection was created by someone who has always wanted to develop a video game themselves. All you have to do in order to explore the games is download the software and log into the website. Then, you can just browse through the wide selection and try whatever level tickles your fancy. You will find pretty much any genre of video games that you can think of, as the possibilities to create are nearly endless. There are shooters, platformers, riddles, and RPGs.

Speaking of creation - Roblox is more than just a collection of video games and levels. The game includes a software that allows you, too, to create any video game that you have always dreamed of. Decide what genre, quest, and tasks you want to include in your game. How will you reward your players? The world is your oyster, so make good use of that.

The graphics in Roblox are kept quite simple and basic. Imagination is the essence of this online game. If you know games like Minecraft: Pocket Edition or Trove, you might be familiar with the visual style. Basic cubes are the basis for the graphics. Be creative, however, as this should not prevent you from letting your imagination run wild!

Do you think you are up for the challenge? You can create dungeons, in which players will have to fight monsters with a sword or laser gun. Have you always wanted to play a video game adaptation for your favorite franchise? If so, then why don’t you just create it yourself and share it with friends online?

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