Robinson: The Journey
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Robinson: The Journey
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Robinson: The Journey Description

In Robinson: The Journey, you delve into the secrets of a mysterious planet.


Robinson: The Journey is a virtual reality game based on the CryEngine technology. You slip into the role of a young boy and explore a vast world. In this online game, you will feel completely immersed as you journey across the mysterious planet.

A Strange New World

The online game takes place on a foreign planet that is chock full of secrets. You take control of a young boy who has had to crash land on this world. It is completely up to you to find out what kinds of secrets this place has to offer. Are you going to instantly meet friendly little creatures that will help you? Or are you completely on your own, without any kind of support at all?

A Mysterious Environment

Thanks to state of the art virtual reality technology, you have the possibility to truly explore all nooks and crannies of this world. You can experience it from every possible perspective. According to Crytek, Robinson: The Journey features a diverse ecosystem with which you can interact. Get ready for some unique experiences as you wander through this foreign planet trying to discover all of its many secrets.

Bravely your young hero delves head-first into every adventure. Standing still and sulking won’t get him anywhere after all! The little boy turns out to be a true pioneer who quickly takes control of his surroundings and learns how to master his environment! This is how you will overcome any obstacle in the online game.

Picturesque Landscapes

On your journey, you will explore an environment unlike any you’ve ever seen before. There’s green vegetation, as far as the eye can see! No wonder that even pterosaurs feel quite content in a setting like this. You can often see them soar in the sky somewhere above your head. Who knows what other kinds of creatures you will encounter in Robinson: The Journey? Keep your eyes open and find out!

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