Rising Generals: Open Beta Now Available in the U.S.

12/03/2014 06:35 am by William Hankin in NewsBrowser GamesAction

The open beta testing phase has touched down in the United States! Fans of strategic war games can get an exclusive look at Rising Generals, the new browser and mobile MMO. Players that live outside of the USA will have to wait a little while longer as this free-to-play title isn't expected to be released until next year. However, when it does become available to the masses, aspiring generals will be able to play anytime, anywhere (providing they have an internet connection) as InnoGames (Tribal Wars 2, Grepolis) has been working hard to deliver a cross-platform experience that is available on your browser and on iOS, and Android mobiles and tablets.
This game is expected to make a big impact on the strategy MMO scene, but let's just hope it can overthrow its competitors, especially seeing as Activision has just released Call of Duty: Heroes, a recent installment for iOS and Windows 8 that features similar gameplay as this free-to-play title. Stay tuned to find out more!

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