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Rising Generals
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Rising Generals Description

Declaring war on other players has never been as easy as in this browser game that can also be played on your mobile phone or tablet. Be prepared to face the consequences once you attack another player, though. There will be repercussions...


From the general gameplay description, you might think that Rising Generals is your typical strategy game. It’s not, however! InnoGames has worked hard on opening up the gates to another online world to players that enjoy the publisher's older titles (Grepolis, Forge of Empires) while also keeping things fresh and innovative. This 3D MMORTS features action-packed combat and real-time fights that allow you to interfere and change the course of battle, no questions asked. Rising Generals is available for free in your browser or on your iOS or Android phone and tablet. This means that you get to launch attacks on other players regardless of where you are, as long as you have a working internet connection. Time to build an army from scratch and prove to everyone that you have what it takes to conquer a world torn apart by warfare and empty threats!

From massive tanks to choppers that have enough firepower to blow up entire enemy camps: Choose the right units to build an army that will impress both your peers and your arch enemies. The key to winning battles in Rising Generals is to have enough troops to protect your honor. Does the other player have a lot of aircraft units? Then you should look into upgrading your defenses accordingly. The world is your oyster in this free browser and mobile game and you are welcome to attack any outpost that is within immediate vicinity of your headquarters. Just be careful not to mess with the wrong people.

Battle Groups are alliances within the Rising Generals community, allowing players to join forces and team up in taking down a common enemy. Having allies covering your back is not only helpful during times of battle, but other players can also be a viable asset when it comes to gathering resources. Just think of the following scenario: You need a little bit of extra in-game currency to research a new technology, upgrade your units or build more barracks to ward off any enemy army. Who can you trust to help you out in times of need? That’s right, your Battle Group allies.

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Rising Generals News

  • Rising Generals: Servers Shutting Down in February

    01/26/2015 05:55 am - Phew, that was quick! Rising Generals went into open beta testing late last year, opening its gates to a gaggle of players that were eager to set up a base and plunge into strategic warfare. Now, just a couple of weeks later, InnoGames has announced...more

  • Rising Generals: Open Beta Now Available in the U.S.

    12/03/2014 06:35 am - The open beta testing phase has touched down in the United States! Fans of strategic war games can get an exclusive look at Rising Generals, the new browser and mobile MMO. Players that live outside of the USA will have to wait a little while longer...more

  • Rising Generals: Going into Closed Beta Today - Get Your Key Here!

    08/20/2014 10:20 am - With games like Grepolis and Forge of Empires up and running, InnoGames has proven numerous times that they know how to pull off strategy titles that run in your browser. Their next project is Rising Generals, a free-to-play war game that puts you in...more

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