Rising Cities: Bonus Code to Boost Your Spirits

05/03/2013 05:00 am by Anna Radak in NewsBrowser GamesSimulation

Free items, hurray!

Free items, hurray!

Now that all the emergency stations seem to be underway, the guys and gals over at Bigpoint have decided to reward hardworking mayors in Rising Cities. To receive the exclusive gifts, open your City Treasury, enter EMERGENCYSTART and gain helpful items. Once you have redeemed the bonus code and collected all resources, you will find 150 Bronze Medals and 500 Vitamin-X in your Warehouse.

Medals are usually earned by keeping a cool head while solving emergency situations and can be traded for certain booster, giving you an advantage over other players. The healthy tablets are used to train specialists and extend their contracts. Make sure to use it within the next few days, as the bonus code is only valid until May 9th. Get cracking, fellow city planners!

This is where you enter your bonus code.

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