Rise of Incarnates
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Rise of Incarnates
What to expect:
  • Battle it out against other players in this free action brawler
  • Use ranged and melee attacks to defeat your opponents
  • Journey through a post-apocalyptic future dominated by fear and agony
  • Fight against others with superhuman abilities and powers
  • Switch between your regular human and demonic appearance
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  • PvP
  • Bandai Namco
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Experience Free Action in Rise of Incarnates

Feel the power of the gods invigorate your body and grant you a surge of strength as you pick a character in Rise of Incarnates.


From the makers of Tekken and Soul Calibur (Bandai Namco) comes another beat-em-up that sends you on a journey through a post-apocalyptic and futuristic world dominated by fear and agony. As one of only a few incarnates, it is your responsibility to restore faith in the good citizens of this free-to-play game and defeat the sovereign of this particular era. Various characters are available to choose from: Which will you pick to take on other players in fast-paced battles that will determine everyone’s future? Grab your weapon and get ready to rumble in Rise of Incarnates!

What’s so special about being an incarnate? Apart from your superhuman abilities and powers, it means that you can switch between a regular and demonic appearance. Be aware that every alternate form comes with a new set of talents in this free-to-play brawler and that not only you, but also every opponent will have one or two tricks up his or her sleeve. Well, his sleeve... as the female characters in Rise of Incarnate don’t seem to wearing very much most of the time.

Taking down other players in Rise of Incarnates requires nerves of steel, quick reflexes and a fighter whose abilities speak to your heart. Would you rather slip into the role of Jedrek Tyler and unleash the power of Mephistopheles to inflict pain upon others or play as the good doctor Gasper Watteu who relies on the necromantic spells of the Grim Reaper to summon zombie hordes?

You could also choose to be Mireia Valentin, a dexterous street fighter who calls upon the might of Lilith to see her through each and every 3D battle in this free download game. There’s also Terrence Blake, waiting to bring forward Ares and exact revenge on other players in 2-vs-2 duels of death. Don’t worry if none of the characters mentioned above speak to you, as Bandai Namco Entertainment is continuously expanding the Rise of Incarnates roster of champions.

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