Rise of Immortals
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Rise of Immortals
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Rise of Immortals Description

The remaining crystals must be controlled if your continent is to survive. You have been chosen and must defeat the representatives of the other continents to secure what is rightfully yours...


Rise of Immortals is a free-to-play action strategy online game in the growing genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, or MOBA. It features intense player versus player combat and persistent character leveling which will allow you to customize your own Immortal and make it ever more powerful.

There are numerous Immortals for you to choose from in Rise of Immortals. Each has their own specific abilities and skills that make them unique. As you play with the character, you will gain in level and have a skill tree progression that will unlock new skills for you to unleash upon your enemies.

Rise of Immortals features player versus player combat in instances with two teams of up to five people. These battles pit players against one another and challenge them to prove themselves. Show your mastery of your skills by dominating your opponents.

If you are not ready for the intensity of player versus player right off the bat, Rise of Immortals also features player versus environment gamplay. Team up with other players and learn the basics of your character as you take on hordes of enemies controlled by the computer.

Rise of Immortals lets you show off what you have accomplished through different features. The Hub is where players come together to chat or show off gear while in-game you can own pets for combat or simply for vanity purposes.

You must defeat the Immortals of other nations as each nation struggles to claim the remaining crystals that are dying. Without the crystals, your continent will most certainly fall to ruin and you must not let that happen. Fight with and against hundreds of other players in intense online battles and prove that you are the mightiest Immortal of them all.

by Kyle Hayth

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