Rise of Dragonian Era
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Rise of Dragonian Era
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Rise of Dragonian Era Description

The world was torn asunder when the dark dragon, Devilo, rebelled and broke the peaceful alliance between the dragon lords. Now you must fight to close the dimension gate or be forever lost...


In Rise of Dragonian Era, you will be challenged to fight back the hordes streaming from the gate of dimension. As part of his evil plot, the dark dragon lord Devilo opened this gate in hopes of dominating the world. Now you must side with one of the two other dragon lords, Firean or Azurian, and become the hero that the world needs. This, of course, is no easy task and it will require you to master the skills of your character as well as embark on harrowing quests across dangerous lands.

With four classes available, you will have plenty of ways to defeat your opponents in Rise of Dragonian Era. Whether you decide to become a mighty warrior, a daring rogue, a powerful cleric or spell-weaving mage, you will have unique skills at your disposal which can prove to be an advantage or disadvantage on the battlefield, which can be on the ground or in the sky as you are mounted on dragons.

In Rise of Dragonian Era, you will have to focus on other things besides defending the world from the evils of Devilo. Featuring a PvP system, there are various ways in which you will encounter other players, challenging you to prove that you are better than them in Region Wars and Castle Sieges.

For those of you wishing to craft new items, Rise of Dragonian Era features a crafting system as well. By mining, extracting, fishing and gathering, you will be able to craft rare and helpful items that could prove most useful during your adventures.

by Kyle Hayth

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