Rift: Quick Guide to Loyalty Points

05/26/2013 05:18 am by Anna Radak in Tips & TricksDownload GamesMMORPG



With their new business model coming up, Trion Worlds is not only getting rid of mandatory subscription fees, but also the whole idea behind veteran rewards. Up until now, dedicated players were rewarded with exclusive gifts, all based on how long they have been paying for the fantasy MMORPG. This is about to change, say the developers of the client-based game.

Once Rift goes free-to-play on June 12th, purchasing credits or becoming a patron will get you loyalty points. Filling your loyalty bar will unlock exclusive rewards, e.g. special costumes or dimension keys. If you refuse to spend any real money on virtual items whatsover, you can aquire REX (a new currency) by trading valuable loot with other players, all while gaining loyalty. Bonus loyalty will be rewarded to those that have previously been subscribed to Rift.

You don't necessarily have to spend real money to build up loyalty.

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