Ridge Racer Driftopia
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Ridge Racer Driftopia
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Ridge Racer Driftopia Description

This is a driving game with a twist: Burst through solid concrete walls and purposefully wreck your car to be the first on the finishing line. You don’t necessarily have to be the fastest racer to win a round, but understand what your car is capable of.


Fasten your seatbelt and prepare yourself for destruction, as this free-to-play racing game surely packs a punch. If you’re looking for a soothing gameplay experience, Ridge Racer Driftopia might not be your best pick. This online title can be described as a whirlwind of challenges. In order to climb up the high score list, you need to have complete control of your vehicle and have fast reflexes. Keep in mind that there is a car for every situation. While some of your challengers might set their focus on getting the fastest car available, others will favor one that’s a little bit more robust. No matter if you choose the speedy Nakamrura Racer or settle for the Shindo Wolfseye - any choice can be turned into a winning car.

From ancient cities to classic race tracks, Ridge Racer Driftopia features ten different maps. Destroying your surroundings is highly encouraged in this free-to-play title and will actually get you ahead of other players. Make your way through concrete walls and blow up your opponents to find shortcuts. If you feel like spending real-life money on virtual pixels, head on over to the in-game shop to unlock certain booster packs. You will also get booster cards by simply playing the game. The more you play, the more you get - and this also goes for repair kits and other available content.

Playing through different game modes rewards you with experience points. Those can be spent on upgrading cars and used to increase your chance of winning against more advanced players. Already unlocked achievements can be compared to those of your friends or used to show off your skills, leaving other competitors in awe. Remember that you will have to repair your cars before embarking on another adrenaline-filled journey, otherwise you won’t go far in this client-based game. Ridge Racer Driftopia can be downloaded through Steam; the PlayStation 3 version of the free-to-play racing game requires a PlayStation Network account.

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