Revelation Online
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Revelation Online
What to expect:
  • Epic Fantasy MMORPG for PC
  • Learn to Fly and Choose a Mount
  • Huge PvP Battles with Hundreds of Players
  • PvE Raids for up to 20 Players
  • Unique Crafting and Trading
  • Download Games
  • RPG
  • Topic
  • Fantasy
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Play Revelation Online for Free and Learn to Fly

Discover a vast fantasy world in the free-to-play MMO Revelation Online. Participate in challenging PvE raids and battle it out against other players.


Welcome to the world of Nuanor, a fantastical world full of magic and adventures! Explore the vast and diverse landscapes by spreading your wings and soaring through the sky or hop on a mount and travel on the ground. This comes in handy, as Revelation Online features a vast world that includes various regions. It would be quite a time-consuming journey to discover every corner of Nuanor if you had to travel by foot.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, as all good MMORPGs start with your character. Create a character that best reflects your preferred playstyle. Revelation Online features several classes that have unique abilities. Choose the one that you like the best. There’s the Gunslinger who eliminates his opponents from the distance. If you prefer close combat, you should consider the Blademaster who uses his swords to wipe out any enemy. You should be prepared to be at the forefront of every battle if you choose this skillful class. If you are looking for a more fantastical fighter, you should consider the Occultist who conjures magic to attack several enemies at once or to heal allies.

PvE Raids and Castle Sieges in Revelation Online

While you might not be able to change your class later in the game, you get a lot of freedom in how you want to customize your character. The class skills are kept very open and free allowing you to develop your character exactly the way you want to. You will need solid abilities when you participate in those challenging PvE raids. Go up against tough monsters with up to nineteen other players and defeat the endboss to collect some powerful loot. You can also choose to battle it out against other players in various PvP modes. Participate in castle sieges with hundreds of other players or show off your skills in the Last Man Standing Arena.

The MMORPG is available for free.

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