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Retry Description

Tap the screen to move a little airplane across the screen and make use of power-ups to dash through even the trickiest of challenges. Collect coins as you continue your legacy and reach new ranks in the official leaderboards. May the loops be with you!


This mobile game stays true to its name: Retry will have you play through one and the same level several times before you master the arts of not crashing an airplane into the ground or other obstacles. That’s okay though, as Rovio (Angry Birds) has found a way to keep you motivated even through the toughest missions. From a list of achievements to unlockable upgrades: Get ready to dive into a free-to-play title to crash and collect precious coins with every tap of your finger!

Retry spans several dozens of levels that offer a unique challenge to new players and veteran aviators alike. Each region starts the same, however: You control a little aeroplane ready for takeoff. By tapping the touchscreen of your iOS or Android mobile device, you move it across different landscapes. Sounds easy enough, right? If only it weren’t for indestructible surfaces along the way - including buildings, clouds and the ground. The second you bump into any of those it’s game over and you will have to start the level either from scratch or the last checkpoint. Crafty airmen and women should have no problem getting through the first couple of levels. Reaching the higher tier, however, will require expert tapping skills and quick fingers to finish the job. Give your aircraft a boost in sticky situations!

Keep an eye out for shiny coins in this mobile game. Collecting those will help you on your way to the top of the Facebook leaderboard, as they can be used as currency to increase the plane’s performance. From endurance to steering, every modification comes with its own perk in Retry and will make your flying life a little bit easier. Just keep in mind that most of these are power-ups rather than permanent improvements. Every level will show you the spots you have previously crashed into. Not to make you sad, but to give you a chance to redeem yourself and learn from your mistakes...

Retry Screenshots

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