Restaurant Story
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Restaurant Story
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Restaurant Story Description

Add new dishes to your cookbook in this free simulation mobile game and keep your customers happy by whipping up delicious treats. Share your achievements with friends and other food enthusiasts from all around the world as you take on new tasks...


Two things that will always go well together are food and video gaming. What if those were combined in a cooking mobile game, granting players everywhere a chance to fulfill their dream of becoming a virtual chef? Restaurant Story is one of those titles that let you turn into a restaurateur and turn a simple burger joint into a Michelin-starred mecca for food lovers all around the globe. Purchase the right ingredients, come up with a unique menu and keep your customers happy in this free-to-play title. Soon, you will have gathered enough resources to unlock brand-new decorations and hire staff members to lend a helping hand during busy holiday seasons.

From delicious cheeseburgers to delightful cupcakes: Cooking all dishes to perfection is what counts in Restaurant Story and will help you level up. The more experience you gather, the bigger the chance you get to research new recipes and ultimately expand your culinary knowledge. Regular updates by Storm8 will make sure that you always have new content to play through in this free mobile app. Sharing progress with friends has never been this easy! Simply connect the casual game to your Facebook account and post new milestones seconds after unlocking them.

Keeping the customers happy and well-fed is of utmost importance in Restaurant Story. You wouldn’t want them to storm out and leave a bad review, would you? Cashing in on hefty tips will certainly be another incentive to treat all diners right and swiftly serve them once they are shown their table. Speaking of tables: This free-to-play social game gives you full control over both the design of your menu and restaurant. You decide which kind of decorations to place and what food to put on the table. Restaurant Story is available as a free download on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

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