Resident Evil 4 Lite
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Resident Evil 4 Lite
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Resident Evil 4 Lite Description

Play through the gripping story of Resident Evil 4 and relive the golden memories of horror games that relied purely on spooky storytelling rather than cheap jump scares. Grab your shotgun and start taking down the walking dead with brute force...


Over the years, franchises such as Silent Hill or Resident Evil have made it possible for horror games to leave their little niche and blossom into an entire genre that just keeps on growing. It only makes sense that players would want to pay tribute to the classics while also enjoying new and innovative takes on shocking plots and bone-chilling gameplay mechanics. Resident Evil 4 is now available as a mobile edition: Simply download the app for free and dive into a universe that has caused nightmares not only to countless teenagers, but also adults all around the world.

Grisly murders have taken place in the Arklay Mountains (thanks for nothing, Umbrella Corporation!) and as special agent Leon, you are called in to investigate the case and search for clues. When starting Resident Evil 4 Lite, you choose a difficulty level - from beginners to expert - and decide whether you want to play through the story or try out the mercenary mode. Both are fun in their own way, but we recommend choosing story mode first, just so that you can get to know the story behind the survival horror game before taking on new challenges.

You move the character by tapping the touchscreen of either your iPhone or iPad. Steer Leon into a certain direction to explore and uncover the secrets of the cultists. Speaking of cultists: These maniacs can be killed through melee or ranged combat. Remember to always loot all the ammo you can get your hands on, as bullets tend to be hard to get by in this mobile game.

Most enemies found in Resident Evil 4: Lite are vicious zombies wielding pitchforks. Fans of the horror franchise may argue that the walking dead featured in this horror series are not, in fact, actual zombies but rather infested mutants. Either way, they are scary and after your hide!

Prepare to face the most gruesome of creatures while playing the free-to-play mobile game and get ready to always aim for the head. Landing a critical hit can decide between victory or defeat when playing Resident Evil and is usually the easiest way to quickly get rid of zombies. Once a monster gets a good grip on you, it is up to you to mash the button and break free as soon as possible.

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