Repulse: A Short Life for a Free-to-Play Shooter

08/21/2012 21:08 pm by Kyle Hayth in NewsDownload GamesShooter



The action-packed, first-person shooter Repulse has been taken offline seemingly overnight. After a not-so-long stint of being online, it seems that either the title was not performing like it should or it was not living up to the expectations of publishers Aeria Games.

Normally, there is some build-up and announcements when a game is going to be taken offline. However, in the case of Repulse, the announcement came rather quickly and without much warning. It is indeed the case that the free-to-play first-person shooter is no longer online.
Anyone who spent AP points in Repulse during the months of June, July and August will receive a full refund of the points spent back to their Aeria Games account. More details will be released in the following weeks as to how that will exactly happen.

Although the Repulse site is still there, the forums have already been taken down. That means, unfortunately, that there is also no more info on the subject other than what is on the homepage.

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