Renaissance Kingdoms
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Renaissance Kingdoms
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Renaissance Kingdoms Description

Choose whether you want to be a knight, priest, trader, gentleman or a robber – everyone finds his true calling here. You have a chance to become the most powerful man in the game...


In 1450 you find yourself in a county in the Holy Roman Empire. You have to integrate into this medieval village, and establish your reputation.
You should also pursue a job in order to earn money which you will need to help ensure your survival. In the county you can be recruited or choose to work in the mines. It is not possible, however, to pick any job you wish, for some jobs require special facilities, tools, or a certain level. The vacancies in the City Hall for example, you can only apply for if you are online from 5am to 1pm every day.

Depending on how much money you earn, you can build your own farm. It’s also an option to become a mayor, bishop or count in Renaissance Kingdoms.

With much perseverance and ambition you can accomplish practically everything in Renaissance Kingdoms and become the most powerful man in the country. But even if you are not interested in the materialistic exercise of power, you still have the chance to prove yourself in this game. Hike through the different villages, visit the inns, and get to know the inhabitants of the villages. The web game Renaissance Kingdoms is based on the realistic simulation of life in the Middle Ages. Renaissance Kingdoms gives a good impression of the Middle Ages and it also gives you the feeling of being a part of that time.

by Kyle Hayth

Renaissance Kingdoms Screenshots

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