Remnant Knights
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Remnant Knights
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Remnant Knights Description

Fight your way across expansive zones and defeat evil creatures as you try to prevent the spread of evil across the world. Complete quests and play with thousands of others in this fantasy realm!


Create a character and sign up with the academy as you begin your adventure in Remnant Knights. Choose one of two rival schools to live and die for as you battle evil creatures that threaten your existence in this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG.

Remnant Knights gives you the opportunity to learn new skills as you progress through various levels and master ancient combat techniques. Use these techniques to fight monsters and other players as you venture through the world.

You can learn to use powerful spells or mighty weapons to defeat your enemies and defend your academy. Get new items to upgrade your character to improve their performance and chances of success. You can find these items everywhere in Remnant Knights as well as on dead foes.

Join up with friends and thousands of other players to experience the thrills, combat, and enchanting spells of Remnant Knights. There are many quests to do, be it alone or in a group. Conquer the almighty forces of evil - by doing so you will protect your world from their destructive nature, less it shall be lost forever.

Get ready to take on the forces of evil head on in this free-to-play fantasy MMORPG. Play with thousands of others and complete quests to gain experience and receive nice rewards. Master skills and prove you are the best as you strive to become a part of the next generation of heroes!

by Kyle Hayth

Remnant Knights Screenshots

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