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Reign of Blood
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Reign of Blood Description

Dive into a dark and morbid underworld, where vampires rule and immortality brings fiercely intense combat. The sinister Dead City is in a state of anarchy, and even the immortals are threatened...


Reign of Blood is a vampire-themed browser game, in which you roam the dark and dangerous Dead City as a vampire in search of fresh blood. The free-to-play online game takes you on adventures through several cities, full of terrifying undead and immortal beings. The game is both text and image based. When you start the vampire web game, you can create your own spine-chilling vampire avatar. You receive a sum of cash when you start Reign of Blood, with which you can purchase additional equipment and weaponry to equip your vampire for the dangers of the world of Dead City.

Once your vampire is fully equipped in Reign of Blood you are able to attack other players. Search through the list of attackable players and overthrow your opponents in thrilling PvP combat. Each win brings both blood and money. Should you lose a fight against your dark enemies, you must take the time to heal, using potions.

In browser game Reign of Blood it is important that you take time to participate in gym training sessions, to ensure your vampire progresses and gets stronger throughout the game. Join or form your very own Coven to roam the streets of Dead City with in Reign of Blood. Joining a Coven brings you various stat boosts and protection. You have four primary stats in the online game, including Strength, Speed, Toughness and Life. Together these stats will determine how long you can survive in the dark underworlds of Reign of Blood.

Accept tricky quests and missions, and be rewarded. In the browser-based game Reign of Blood, you can strive to be the strongest and most feared vampire in all of Dead City.

by Kyle Hayth

Reign of Blood Screenshots

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