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Red Stone
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Over 500 years ago the sky began to burn and the heavens crashed to earth. Unlock the mystery by finding all the missing pieces !


Red Stone is a free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG that puts you in a distant future where the earth is scorched and hope seems all but lost. You must seek out the missing pieces of the mysterious Red Stone which fell from the sky and brought terrible destruction with it.

In Red Stone, you have the opportunity to create your own hero and play a unique class with special abilities and skills. You will have to master these skills in order to defeat your enemies and the frightful monsters that roam the world.

Of the eight classes in Red Stone, you have the opportunity to transform and use a completely new set of skills at any time. The squire with his sword and shield can be turned into a mighty, two-handed sword wielding combatant. The ever calm tamer can transform into a powerful summoner, capable of controlling mythical creatures with great power. The archer fights from afar, but when enemies begin to hem in from all sides, you can switch to a lancer and wield a deadly pole-arm. These are just some examples of the transformations available to you.

Red Stone features many different quests which will send you on daring missions with challenging objectives. You can follow the Main-Quest story line and discover the secrets of the world of Red Stone. Or try your hand at Title Quests, each of which will teach your character a useful new skill. As you adventure across the continent, you will also encounter General Quests. These quests can be found everywhere and you can receive rewards for completing such tasks.

Though the journey may be long and full of danger, you must press on and discover the secrets of the Red Stone. Only by mastering your skills and defeating strong enemies will you be able to unlock the mystery and find out the truth...

by Kyle Hayth

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