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Record Run
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Record Run Description

Jump, dodge and slide your character to the songs of your choice! Feel the music to swiftly overcome obstacles and collect as many records as you can in a wide array of unique levels created not only by Harmonix, but also by your favorite music.


With games like Rock Band, Dance Central and Chroma, Harmonix is a game studio that seems to have a knack for gameplay that is inspired by music. Now that players everyhwere had plenty of time to hone their skills on consoles and the PC, it's time to feel the music on mobile devices as well. Record Run invites you to pick a snazzy character (ranging from cheerleaders to punk rockers) and dive into a world where music and skill collide in a free mobile game that will put your rhythm to the test. This endless runner features several different maps that change depending on the song you are currently playing. Yep, your favorite songs will determine the difficulty of the challenges ahead!

Join thousands of other players on their path to victory and challenge them to song duels to prove once and for all that you are the king or queen of rhythm. There are plenty of different levels to explore in this free-to-play mobile game, as long as you are willing to slide your fingers across the touchscreen of your device. Your fingertips decide whether or not your character makes it to the end of each challenge dodging obstacles and jumping over street signs to collect records on the way. Only if you manage to factor in time, speed and accuracy will you be able to score the best possible rating and achieve five golden stars. Each successful mission grants you access to new quests and currency with which you can unlock new characters, power-ups and other goodies in Record Run.

Instead of only giving you a set of songs to choose from, you can use your own music to play Record Run. The only requirement: the music files have to actually be stored on your Android or iOS phone or tablet to become available in this free-to-play casual game. Keep your eyes peeled for jumping pads, bonus records and little hearts to not only increase your overall highscore, but also your chance of survival within each and every challenge. Bumping into movers or tripping over garbage bags might not seem like much, but could potentially cost you a life in Record Run. Be aware!

Record Run Screenshots

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