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Realms at War
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Realms at War Description

Step back in time to the fantasy land of Acadia as a fierce and gallant warrior as you take part in large-scale battles, sharp duels, and team death matches in this action-packed MMORPG.


Realms at War is a free-to-play browser-based MMOG. It takes you to a war-torn land, where there is only one path to follow: the path to the battlefield. Combining a blend of RPG and strategy elements, Realms at War is centred in the heat of the combat.

In Realms at War you must align yourself with one of two factions – The Crimson Blade or The Order. Additionally, there are six character classes to choose from including the warrior, fighter, neophyte, priest, magician and blade master, each with unique attributes, strengths and weaknesses. Every character has the ability to purchase champion skills once they get to a certain level of experience. Champion skills include the terrifying Adrenalin Rush, the Soul Leech, the Death Strike and the Debilitating Roar.

There is a unique guild system in Realms at War that allows the guild leader to recruit and promote as many people as they wish to. An advantageous Guild Lair can be purchased to be used for guild storage, as a guild bank, and even as a home field for the Guild vs. Guild grudge matches. Enter your guild into exciting team death matches or heated capture the flag games to gain honour, experience and claim victory over your opponents. Strive to be the strongest guild and rule the battlefield.

Take part in close PvP combat in Realms at War and reap the rewards. Players will gain 1 piece of silver for each kill, and through victory climb the in-game leader board. Earn prestige as you rise to the top.

Explore the abandoned dungeons and the vast land of Acadia as you take on enemy players and fierce monsters in Realms at War. Train your hero and gain experience and new specialised skills as you triumph over your opponents in epic battles.

by Kyle Hayth

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