Realm of the Titans
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Realm of the Titans
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Realm of the Titans Description

Dominate the map in all-out war against thousands of other players and earn your place at the top of the ladder. Achieve victory through the destruction of all those who challenge you...


Realm of the Titans is a free-to-play action strategy game that pits you against players from around the world. Designed with the help of professional players of Defenders of the Alliance (DotA), there is non-stop action as you prove your dominance of the map.

You can completely customize your game play in Realm of the Titans. There are numerous skills, abilities, spells and key bindings at your disposal. Create the most lethal combination and defeat other players that you face-off against.

The more wins you get, the more achievements you will unlock in Realm of the Titans. Unlocking achievements will bump you up the ranks and can earn you bonus content. The game will even track such things as your kill-death ratio, heroes played and win record.

Featuring an advanced pairing system, you will always be able to go toe-to-toe with someone of your same skill level. Taking into account losses, wins and abilities, the system will automatically pair you with someone of similar status.

There is also a convenient AI feature that allows you to keep playing, even if you lose a teammate. Realm of the Titans features a system which will automatically take over a teammate’s units if they were to disconnect. However, should they join the game again; their spot will still be waiting for them.

You will need to capture control points as you advance on your enemy. Control points will spawn new minions for you to control. Overwhelm your opponent with sheer numbers as you march across the map to victory.

Prove you have what it takes to get to the top in Realm of the Titans. Utilize heroes and skills to take the fight to your opponent and wipe them from the map. Team up with others in team battles and perfect a strategy that will guarantee a win every time.

by Kyle Hayth

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