Rayman Fiesta Run: Explaining the Nifty Buffs

07/08/2014 11:02 am by Marcel Wuttig in Tips & TricksActionMobile Games

Since its relaunch in 2009, the Rayman series has not been known for being simple. Quite the contrary, the jump and run games have been pretty challenging, if not impossibly difficult. The mobile game Rayman Fiesta Run is inspired by the style of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends. It is not surprising that it is also rather difficult. The folks over at Ubisoft are not soulless monsters, however, and have found a way to make the gaming experience be challenging, but not frustrating by allowing players to purchase buffs with the in-game "currency" before each level. In this tip, we will explain what each and every buff will do!


The magnet is the most expensive buff you can get. It is also the most useful one if you ask us. It will attract all Lums that are in Rayman’s close proximity. While this buff makes many levels a lot easier, it will not make them a piece of cake - so no, we don’t consider it cheating! If you do plan on collecting all Lums in every single level, we expect you to make use of the magnet every once in a while.


The second buff is pretty useful if you play a level that is challenging, but not impossible to beat. Especially, if the stage has a tough part in its second half, you should consider purchasing the feathers. They are a safe-point which allows you to start again from that position rather than the beginning of the stage once you die.


The little shoe icon helps everyone who wishes to make it through a level without having Lums float towards you. This buff tells you exactly when to do what action in order to make it perfectly through the levels. A little icon on your screen will tell you when to jump, glide, or punch.

Just like so...


The heart is pretty self-explanatory. Rayman usually immediately dies after he is hit once by an enemy. The heart allows him to get hit by an enemy two extra times.

Boxing Glove

The boxing glove allows you to shoot projectiles at your enemies. Usually, you will receive this buff automatically in those levels in which it is required, so we found ourselves not purchasing this buff at all.
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