Rayman Fiesta Run Test: Quite a Hard Pinata to Break

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A hero without limbs or a neck who uses his fists as projectiles? This sounds almost too absurd to be real - but hey, the video game industry is full of weird franchises, so who are we to judge?! Let us remind you of the Italian plumber who occasionally rides on a dinosaur and fights a constant battle against a giant turtle. How about a crazy redneck who defends himself against a horde of zombies by sowing plants in his yard?
Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run

It is 1995 and Ubisoft and Michel Ancel teamed up to produce Rayman, a 2D platformer in the vein of classic jump and runs. Their new hero is a cartoony character whose lack of limbs allows him to glide, shoot his fists, and whirl around to attack enemies. The series has come a long way since its original release and has basically come full circle in recent years. After some excursions into 3D gameplay and mini game collections (which brought the Raving Rabbids), Ubisoft went back to the roots when they released the sidescrolling platformer Rayman Origins in 2009.

The game was a great reminder of what had made the franchise so special to begin with: Rayman’s unique skills, the franchise’s cute, yet quirky atmosphere, a great soundtrack and lush graphics reminiscent of hand-drawn animation. The mobile game Rayman Fiesta Run came out in 2013 and is follows the general style of Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, its direct sequel. After the recent addition of the brand new candy world, we here at decided it was high time to take a closer look at Rayman Fiesta Run. Can the jump and run game keep up with the recent success story of the franchise?

Controls and Gameplay

Before we begin with our critique of the mobile game, we have to briefly explain its general gameplay. Rayman Fiesta Run looks like a pretty typical sidescrolling platformer at first, but as we all know, there is one major difference between mobile devices and PC/console gaming. In mobile games, your controls are simultaneously your screen and vice versa. This makes some genres (casual games, strategy games, etc.) easily adaptable for smartphones and tablets. Other genres, however, are a little more difficult to develop for mobile devices, forcing studios to reimagine genres or at least alter their gameplay mechanics. In the case of jump and run games, the mobile gaming industry has recently seen a huge increase in so called endless runners. Here, the protagonist automatically runs down a pre-determined path full of obstacles and players make sure to tap their screen at the right time to dodge obstacles. In Rayman Fiesta Run, this concept was reinterpreted for a sidescrolling 2D adventure.
In comparison to the games made for PC/console , you can neither control the direction in which Rayman should run, nor slow him down or make him stop. All you focus on is to make your hero jump, glide, punch, and swing his way through the levels collecting each and every Lum that you can find! This makes the mobile game all about perfect timing, quick reflexes, and a lot of patience. Collecting all 100 Lums in one level will unlock a more difficult version of that same level. It will also move you forward on the world map allowing you to reach new levels. If you want to play through all levels, it is your goal to collect all Lums, which can be quite frustrating, to say the least.

Focus, Patience, and Memorizing

When we started playing Rayman Fiesta Run, we knew from the very first level that we would face quite some difficult stages in the game. While the first few levels were still quite doable in terms of difficulty, we were not naive enough to believe that it would stay this way as experienced video game editors. Not only did we remember how difficult Rayman Origins was (if you’ve played the title, you might remember the treasure chest levels), but we also realized how much potential for becoming very difficult the gameplay has.

There is pretty much only one way to succeed in the jump and run title: learning each and every level by heart. Only when you literally memorize every dash, jump, and glide and know where every Lum is hidden will you be able to collect them all. The only way to memorize the levels is by trial and error. There were only few levels in which we collected all 100 Lums on our first try - and most of these were rather in the beginning of the mobile game.
More about the difficulty level, buffs, and our final verdict on page 2!
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