Rayman Fiesta Run
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Rayman Fiesta Run
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Rayman Fiesta Run Description

He has neither legs and arms, nor a neck. His hands, feet, and head simply float in the air. This doesn’t stop Ubisoft’s platformer icon who has starred in dozens of games on all kinds of platforms. Now, you can welcome Rayman on your mobile device.


Many of the major game studios that have been around for a while have their own platformer icon. In the case of Ubisoft, this is certainly Rayman, the undefinable protagonist who has no arms, legs, or neck. The franchise began its success story in 1995 and has brought us many adventures and spin-offs on every platform imaginable. It is no wonder then that the swift and agile platformer has found his way to the mobile device of your choice.

Rayman Fiesta Run brings Ubisoft’s limbless hero to all Android and iOS phones and tablets. The mobile game features the now iconic hand-drawn look that the studio introduced to the series back in 2011 when Rayman Origins was released. That installment managed to reinterpret the franchise and simultaneously bring it back to its origin. Since then, the theme of this series has been to bring back the quality and style of good old 2D platformers and combine them with today’s technology.

In Rayman Fiesta Run, you can enjoy more than 75 levels of wacky fun in a topsy turvy universe where anything is possible and plausible. The iconic hero himself can shoot his fists and thereby eliminate his enemies, he can float by rotating his hair like helicopter blades, and he can twist and turn in various ways because he has no limbs. The mobile game extends his powers even further. Ubisoft’s hero could always jump, fly, punch, and run up walls, but now he can also slide, swim, or shrink on the fly into a tiny version of himself. Make sure to always collect Lums, which are yellow floating fairy-like creatures that will give your hero special rewards and power-ups.

The mobile game features giant sausages, the Land of the Living Dead Island, and more than three massive end bosses. All of this is presented in visually stunning graphics that will enchant you and keep you entranced.

If you have always dreamt of taking Rayman wherever you go, you should not hesitate to download Rayman Fiesta Run, despite the fact that it comes for a small fee.

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