Game of the Day: Rayman Adventures (Android, iOS)

12/03/2015 05:54 am by Marcel Wuttig in Game of the DayMobile GamesApps

Rayman Adventures - Our Game of the Day

Today is the day that we have been desperately waiting for. Ubisoft have finally released Rayman Adventures for Android and iOS devices. It’s been quite a while since there's been new Rayman content on mobile devices. This is why we were more than ecstatic when the studio behind the limbless hero announced a brand new app instead of merely dishing out new content for either Rayman Fiesta Run or Rayman Jungle Run. Instead of offering you a run of the mill type release article, we decided to highlight Rayman Adventures as our Game of the Day!

High Quality Platformer for Free

The number one reason why everyone should download the game is that it is entirely for free. The former two apps of the series had to be purchased for under $5 respectively, and believe us, they were worth every penny. The newest installment is free-to-play. Even better than that, and all the more reason why the app is our Game of the Day, is that it is just as much fun as its predecessors. We might even argue that it is better, as your limbless hero doesn’t just automatically run through the levels. You can now also change his direction, which gives you a lot more opportunities to freely explore each level. In other words, Rayman Adventures is definitely one of the most successful examples of how to release a jump and run game on mobile devices using touchscreen controls (take notes for the future, Nintendo!)

Jump, Run, and Collect

Another nifty way of getting players hooked on the platformer are not just the addictive jump and run levels, but also the fact that you get to collect wacky monsters. Currently, the free app features more than 110, but we are sure that there will be more with future content updates.

We will go into more depths on all of Rayman Adventures' features and gameplay in a concise review. At this point, we can only warmly recommend downloading and playing Ubisoft’s app, as it is one of the highest quality free mobile games you can get.

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