Rayman Adventures
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Rayman Adventures
What to expect:
  • A Fun Rayman Adventure on Mobile Devices
  • Available for Free
  • Addictive Jump and Run Gameplay and Fun Presentation
  • More than 110 Monsters to Collect
  • Diverse Level Types
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Play Rayman Adventures On-the-Go!

Rayman is back and he is bringing some brand new friends along! Go on a fun journey in Rayman Adventures.


Ubisoft’s mascot has been around for quite a while already. The fun hero has definitely managed to set himself apart from other mascots such as Mario or Sonic with his unique look. His individual style was even more strongly highlighted in his big relaunch in 2009 with the release of Rayman Origins. Since then, Rayman has embarked on one fun, side-scrolling platforming adventure after then next. Following the visual style of Rayman Jungle Run and Rayman Fiesta Run comes Rayman Adventures, a brand new jump and run game for mobile devices.

New Friends – Familiar Gameplay

The general gameplay remains pretty similar to the prior mobile games mentioned above. Rayman runs, jumps, floats, and spins through each level defeating enemies and overcoming obstacles. Despite the protagonist moving automatically, Rayman Adventures does not qualify as an endless runner, as each level has a distinct start and finish. The controls are simple – one side of the screen activates the jump, the other side activates the spin.

That is not to say that Rayman Adventures doesn’t bring anything new to the table. For one, the setting is completely new. Our limbless hero goes on an odyssey through enchanted forests, medieval castles, and the mythical lands of Olympus. On his adventure, he not only meets mythological creatures and monsters such as minotaurs, but also brand new friends called the Incrediballs. These incredibly whimsical creatures will join you on your journey through the game once you rescue them. Not only can they be collected, but they also hold intense powers that can be unleashed to save the world. Aside from that, Rayman is joined by his Viking companion called Barbara.

Another improvement becomes apparent in the platformer’s graphics. This is the closest Rayman has ever come to a console experience on mobile devices. Dynamic fluid particle effects and 60 FPS are a delight to see.

Rayman Adventures Screenshots

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Rayman Adventures Videos

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