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Ravenmarch Description

Another strategy game, another quest to rule the world! Kabam has released a new browser title set in a fantasy and medieval universe, allowing you to immerse yourself into a world much different than today's reality. Get ready to shout your battle cry!


Oh, strategy games. They sure have a way of sucking you in, don’t they? Kabam has a handful of browser games available for you to try out, one of them being Ravenmarch. Set in a fantasy universe, this free MMORTS allows you to choose from one out of four factions and recruit a massive army consisting of foot soldiers, marksmen and catapults. Each and every unit has a strong point that you can use to your advantage when going up against other players in fast-paced action battles. While infantry usually has enough armor to withstand a couple of hits, archers are always a good choice when wanting to take out enemy troops from afar. Catapults, on the other hand, are your best bet of quickly taking out towers or defense barriers when invading other kingdoms.

While Ravenmarch does feature player-versus-player battles and encourages friendly competition, you can trust those that are fighting for the same faction as you. Have you come across other players who seem to follow the same goals? Then think about founding an alliance and teaming up with them to become a formidable threat and conquer new territory on a daily basis. Speaking of daily: More resources become available to you once you manage to complete daily quests and explore missions that explain not only the backstory and lore, but also what the browser game has to offer.

Great heroes roam the lands of Ravenmarch. Do you have what it takes to convince them of joining our cause? If charming them doesn’t work, you will have to let your fists do the talking: Beating one of these heroes will make them follow you around and lead your troops into battle. Their special abilities are a good way to get the upper hand over players of a familiar rank, as it is almost impossible to predict or prepare against these skills. Other generals can be recruited by visiting the tavern and will lend a helping hand in leading your faction to victory in this free real-time strategy game.

Ravenmarch Screenshots

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