Rappelz: Taming Monsters in Epic VIII Part Two

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Plenty of monumental content has been added to the roleplaying game over the years, but Epic 8.2 really takes the cake. The Forgotten Depths have been opened and as a brave hero, it is your duty to rid the lost caverns of any dangerous creature. Make sure to bring your friends, as the newly added dungeons - four in total - require a group of skilled players. While the instanced zones are filled with Bone Dragons, Tarantulas and Medusa herself and meant to be taken on by high-level players only, most of the other content is available to anyone, no matter how much time and effort you have put into Rappelz so far. The biggest feature added today is the unique pet system, hands down

Tame what has once been your enemy.

In order to call a creature your own, you will have to acquire so-called Soul Taming Cards and use them on either mythical beasts, fiery dragons or brainless undead soldiers. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Whenever you tame a companion, its attributes are randomly generated. Its skills, however, depend on what type the monster belongs to. Each and every familiar is put into a certain damage category. These are:
Damage Types
Magic Damage
Ranged Damage
Close Combat Damage
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