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Rappelz Description

Fight your way through a mythical world of mystic creatures, avatars, monsters and human beings. You support your people by starting clever attacks and defending what is yours...


In Rappelz, the sacred powers of several magical races fight against the forces of darkness for supremacy in Asura. This is not a spectacular scenario in itself, but Rappelz is still a special game due to its polished graphics and the detailed game concept.

As a player of the massively multiplayer online role-playing client game, you become part of one of the races and roam the world of Rappelz. First there are the Deva who are children of the gods of light that have healing powers. There is also the Asura, the heirs of the gods of destruction. They are extremely agile melee fighters. The third race is the Gaia, the descendants of the ancient people who perfectly understand how to use the forces of nature. Decide which race you want to belong to.

Due to continuous expansion of the game, new places in the Rappelz Universe will be added at regular intervals. At the moment you already have the opportunity to fight with your avatar in every imaginable landscape from dungeons to open fields. On your way through Rappelz all sorts of creatures accompany you; when it comes to a fight these creatures might be of great value. However, their skills vary from situation to situation.

By winning battles and completing tasks, you collect experience points and climb up to 170 levels. The characters you meet on your way belong to a variety of 27 classes. Variety in fighting and in interaction with others is guaranteed.

The download of the game client is free but essential. The sophisticated graphics can be implemented on the PC only by using the client. It connects to the server of Rappelz and enables you to play together with thousands of other players.

by Kyle Hayth

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