Rant & Rave: Halloween and Giveaways

10/26/2015 05:00 am by Benjamin Robson in Rant and Rave

Rant & Rave: Halloween and Giveaways

Welcome to another installment of “things that make me angry on the internet,” with the added chunk at the end to prove that I’m not completely heartless. Today I want to talk about how ridiculous Halloween can get, and how much we like giveaways!

Rant: Halloween


Ah, Halloween. That time of year where children collect sweets from their neighbors, adults have an excuse to dress inappropriately, and video game developers add worthless content into games for cheap marketing and exposure.

Normally I’m happy when we get news of an update for a game, it’s pretty much what keeps me in a job. Every day I gleefully take bland press releases and turn them into beautifully crafted chunks of news for our readers, and I love doing that. The thing that upsets me is when it gets to this time of year, when Halloween is just around the corner, and developers think that it’s okay to put one of their characters in a “sexy devil” outfit and call it an update. No, sorry guys. I don’t want to pay $4.99 to make my head a pumpkin, nor do I want to replace the gear that I worked hard to get with a skimpy bunny outfit.

Good Thing She's Got All of that Armor on...

Maybe I’m missing something vital here, and players actually do enjoy being treated like little money dispensers who open up whenever some lackluster content is put in front of them, but I’m not too sure that’s the case. Developers need to understand that without their players they are nothing, so you can’t dress up a double XP weekend as a full blown Halloween event, no matter which PR firm you hire to do so.

Rave: Giveaways

If there’s one thing that people love, especially within the gaming community, it’s free stuff. Whether it's free skins, characters, beta keys, premium time, or weapons (see, aren't we good to you?), people will jump at the chance to get their hands on it.

Smite Is Known for Loads of Giveaways

Giveaways are great for everybody involved; the game gets more players, the developers make more money from the exposure, and the players get something for free! There’s pretty much no reason to not give stuff away to your fans. Take heed developers, we all like free things. It is important to remember, however, that without our hard earned cash, our favorite games wouldn’t exist. We have the responsibility as gamers to keep the games industry heading in the right direction by voting with our wallets, if you like something that a developer is doing, then give them some money for it. Free things are awesome to help us along the way, or to try out a game, but we shouldn’t have the expectation that everything should be free all the time.

Drop in next time and see what else I have to say about the gaming industry. Until then, crawl the internet looking for giveaways!

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