Rant & Rave: Hard Levels and Cinematic Cutscenes

06/14/2015 04:20 am by Marcel Wuttig in Rant and Rave

Welcome to our weekly means of ranting and raving about the gaming scene! As gamers, we all have that one topic that we truly like or dislike about the gaming scene. Well, in our case that is more like 104 topics that upset or delight us (we seem to be very opinionated people here in the editorial office). You are always invited to share what you think about our rants and raves in the comments below.

Rant: Hard Levels

Don’t get me wrong – I love a good challenge. I am a very competitive person (especially against myself), which is why I usually appreciate hard levels in video games. There is a fine line between a challenging and frustrating level however. The former kind features a learning curve: every time you try the level, you get a little closer to finishing it. The latter kind is based on luck and perfection. You randomly have a good run followed by a terrible run. There might only be one tactic to get through the level, and if you don’t play accordingly, you won’t make it. I have to admit that these were the moments that gaming equipment has learned to fly in my apartment. I’m looking at you, Plants vs. Zombies 2

Rave: Cinematic Games

I confess that I only recently played through The Last of Us for the first time, and I have to say that I was blown away. If there’s one thing that gets me going, it’s cinematically presented games that put you on a rollercoaster ride. In the case of the post-apocalyptic game above, it was an emotional and thrilling ride, in cases such as Tomb Raider or Uncharted, it is an adventurous ride. After seeing the beautiful facial animations and hearing the mind-blowing voice actors, we don’t know whether we can look at older games in the same way. Naughty Games definitely raised the bar when it comes to cinematically presented games!

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