Rant & Rave: Justifying Sexism and Game Theories

05/31/2015 04:00 am by Marcel Wuttig in Rant and Rave

We assume that most of you have already heard of our Rant & Rave – if not, let us quickly explain: Each Sunday, we take a few moments to share our straightforward opinion about anything gaming related. In order to balance our chakra, we choose one topic that excites us and one that irritates us. You are always invited to join the discussion below! Everyone needs to rant and rave sometimes.

Rant: Justifying Sexism

I wouldn't know what is supposed to be empowering for women about this!

My former colleague Anna has handed over the reins of the Rant & Rave to me last week, right before she ventured out to explore the world. As she pointed out, I am more of a console and handheld player (don’t judge me), which will most likely be reflected in my selection of topics. I am also a very good-natured guy and had to think for a while before coming up with a topic that truly annoys me. My one go-to topic however is sexism, so bear with me on this one. Even as a male gamer, you must have noticed that the overall depiction of women in video games is pretty backwards and straight-out sexist. While that already stabs my hearts with a blunt knife, I truly die a little inside when male gamers in particular defend a game’s sexism by naming its developers’ artistic choice or the title’s historic accuracy to justify the design. What annoys us more than anything is when a publisher defends their choice to depict all of their female characters with unrealistic body proportions and scant clothing by saying that they think that this portrayal signifies feminism. No, just no. Having an all-female cast who run around like Playboy bunnies does not make your game feminist. Don’t make up facts to market your games!

Rave: Game Theories

One of the best YouTube channels for gamers!

“It’s just a theory – A game theory!” Sound familiar? I have to admit that I often spend my days and nights watching YouTube videos, scrolling through my subscriptions and searching for new channels to follow. One of my all-time favorite channels is called The Game Theorists. If you’re an avid gamer, you should check it out. I personally adore this channel, particularly because of the fun, insightful, random, or eye-opening game theories that the channel comes up with. You want to know why the official Zelda timeline is wrong, why games predict our future, or why players are killing video games? Follow this link to find out why. Just, don’t blame me when you end up watching YouTube videos for the next few hours.

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