Rango: The World
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Rango: The World
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Rango: The World Description

The lonesome town of Dirt is in the need of a hero. Strap on your boots, put on your holster and be the hero that everyone is counting on to save the town.


Experience the animated movie Rango in a whole new way by becoming a part of the story yourself. Rango: The World lets you create a character and explore the town of Dirt on your own as you complete quests and make friends.

You get to decide exactly how your character looks in Rango: The World by choosing the face, features and skin tone of your lizard. Add some spikes to a square-jawed green lizard or maybe a lovely fin to the head of a smiling pink one. The combinations are nearly endless!

Once you have your character, you can get down to business. Rango: The World features many quests for you to complete to gain experience and raise your level. This will open up new things for you to buy in the shop and increase your energy.

There are certain items that are laying about in Rango: The World. These are known as collectibles and require energy to pick up. You have a set amount of energy and when it runs out, you will no longer be able to pick up collectibles. Don’t worry though, your energy recharges over time.

Looking to add some pizzazz to your outfit? Then head on down to the shop because there is plenty that will make you look super-spiffy. Buy yourself a cowboy hat or maybe some new pants to really walk around Dirt in style.

Rango: The World is also incredibly kid-friendly. It features a very limited chat on some of the servers where you are restricted to pre-determined chat phrases. However, there are numerous ones to choose from and will in no way effect you or your child’s ability to play. There are also less strict servers that still feature an enhanced chat filter if you would rather play on one of those servers.

Rango: The World gives you the chance to live in the world of an animated movie. Meet all the big names from the movie and make a name for yourself in the town of Dirt. Explore the desert and complete quests to gain experience and levels all while playing with hundreds of others online!

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