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Rainbow Saga
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Rainbow Saga Description

Immerse yourself into a fun MMORPG battle between good and evil. Take on your enemies and join a guild of adorable Rainbow Saga characters. Don’t be fooled by their innocent appearance as these heroes, albeit small, pack a nasty punch!


Rainbow Saga is a casual browser game that invites you to play as one of three character classes: Elementalist, Holy Knight, and Shadow Ranger. Explore the sacred lands of Troonmill as you embark on adventures and join guilds, teaming up with other players to become a mighty force that can take down the evil that lurks within the dungeons.

Indulge in the all the exciting graphics and animated characters that make up the mysterious continent of Troonmill. This place was a sacred and peacful land once protected by magical artifacts, that is until the devil lord invaded with his Dark Scythe, trying to destroy the City of Order. In this time of crisis and despair, the heroes of this once happy land united to stand up to his dark lordship and bring him down! This comes as no easy task as his darkness has infiltrated even the most remote parts of these fantasy realms.

The character class that you choose in Rainbow Saga will determine which unique weapons and abilities you can wield in order to take down your enemies. Watch your heroes grow and develop your skill to become a renowned hero of Troonsmill. Play as an Elementalist, wielding a mystical staff and delivering magical attacks to your enemies. Choose the Holy Knight, who can absorb much damage thanks to heavy armor and a large shield. If you want an extra challenge, become a Shadow Ranger, with a strong physical attacks and high dexterity. This archer has effective abilities when at long distance and attacks by rapidly throwing darts at his enemies. Choose your class wisely as it will determine your strength when in battle.

As you embark on your colorful adventure in this free-to-play MMORPG you will come across a multitude of bizarre enemies. These enemies take on the appearance of something sweet and innocent like a fluffy creature or piece of fruit. For instance, watch out for the grinning pineapple or the pineapple ice cream with rabbit teeth!

Rainbow Saga Screenshots

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