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Rail World
What to expect:
  • Historical and Modern Train Models
  • Many Customization Options for Train Stations
  • Transport Routes for Travelers and Freight
  • Explore the Entire European Continent
  • Simple Touch-Screen Controls
  • Mobile Games
  • Apps
  • iOS
  • Upjers
  • Simulation
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Play Rail World for Free and Send Trains through Europe

In Rail World, you will become the leader of a train empire. Build tracks all throughout Europe and bring passengers to their destination.


Get ready for the entire world of rail transport in the train game Rail World. You slip into the role of the leader of an international transportation corporation and make sure that every traveler and every item reaches their destination in Europe.

Rail World is a free-to-play building game for smartphones and tablets. One of your central tasks is to constantly expand and upgrade your own central station in order to increase the capabilities of your depot and make sure that all of your passengers are content. The mobile game features countless buildings and decorations that you can choose in order to customize your train station according to your individual taste. You will also be in charge to lay new tracks and position new signal boxes and constantly unlock new routes.

Establish a Rail Transport Empire in Europe!

Aside from customizing your local train station, you will obviously focus on transporting freight and travelers in the train game Rail World. The further you progress in the mobile game, the more countries you have access to. Before you know it, you will have connected the entire European continent with railroads. If you make all the right moves, you will see the first trains travelling all the way from frosty Scandinavia to sunny Spain. Not only will you manage the smartest transport routes, but you will also determine the trains’ schedules. Make sure that things never slow down or come to a stop in your railroad empire. Ideally, it will run as smoothly as clockwork. Only when your trains are perfectly on schedule, you will earn the full amount of money.

You will need money for all kinds of things in Rail World. Build and upgrade new buildings, lay new tracks, and expand your railroad network by spending some in-game currency.

Fans of trains should not hesitate to download the free-to-play mobile game for their Android smartphones and iPhones. The app features all kinds of different train models, ranging from the classic steam locomotive to modern electric trains.

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