Rail Nation: Android and iOS Release Live

11/24/2015 05:46 am by Benjamin Robson in NewsBrowser GamesTravian Games

Rail Nation iOS and Android Apps Live

The free-to-play strategy game Rail Nation has expanded its popular train themed game into the realm of mobile gaming. The iOS and Android versions of the game are completely free and available now.

For those not in the know, Rail Nation is a free train tycoon game which involves real-time management and lots of skill to build and maintain an intricate rail network. Rail Nation has had success as a browser game, and now Travian Games wants to try to do the same on mobile devices. As a little bonus, Rail Nation players that download the free app will get 200 gold, 3 free lottery tickets and 1 week of Plus Account.

Rail Nation Available on Smartphones and Tablets

At the moment, the classic scenarios are the only modes available on the mobile versions of Rail Nation, but there are sure to be updates in the pipeline to help the strategy game turn into a fully-featured mobile success. For anyone interested in getting involved and downloading the game, click on the button below and start your empire in Rail Nation!

Source: Official Website

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