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RaiderZ Description

Grim and terrifying creatures await you in this free-to-play action MMOG. You must take on the role of a courageous hero and embark on countless, dangerous adventures.


In the action-packed online game RaiderZ - The Art of Combat, your fighting abilities will be put to the test. In the barren and quite dangerous world, you will encounter many evil creatures, who only wish to harm you.

In Raiderz, you must decide which of the six different specializations best fit your fighting style and skills. With your specialization and talents, you will be able to eliminate monsters. However, not every creature in the world of RaiderZ is so easily defeated. Only by utilizing a masterful strategy, precision with your attacks and quick defenses will you be able to survive in this danger-filled world.

You will discover fantastic zones and landscapes in RaiderZ as your adventures and questing will take you far and wide. These tasks will challenge you to get the job done but not without coming face-to-face with danger. The danger and excitement of the monster hunt is what RaiderZ is all about.

With over 350 talents and various armor customizations, you can create a highly-customized character that fits your style and taste. This ensure that whether you are diving head long into PvP battles or taking down some of the most powerful bosses you may have ever encountered, you will be writing your own story and becoming the hero you want to be.

By completing quests and unlocking new skills, you will be able to show just what you're made of in RaiderZ, the free-to-play action-packed MMORPG.

by Kyle Hayth

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