Ragnarok Online
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Ragnarok Online
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Ragnarok Online Description

Gather your weapons, don your armor and embark on an epic adventure to the mysterious land of Midgard, a world in which humans, God and demons live in a fragile state of peace...


In the client game Ragnarok Online, there are over 20 different job classes to be obtained, all depending on your preferred playing style. You start the MMORPG as a Mage, Swordsman, Archer, Merchant, Thief or Acolyte and can progress to various other job skills from there. Pick whichever role you feel comfortable taking on! It's important to keep in mind that each character archetype comes with certain responsibilities, especially when it comes to group combat and dungeon crawling in this free online game. Strategic battles are more up your alley? No worries, as you can also take on other players in thrilling PvP combat and enhance your weaponry and armor with a special card system.

Cards are typically collected through monster drops and can be used in a number of ways and combinations to enhance your character and better prepare for combat in Ragnarok Online. You can also use the in-game upgrading system to modify your equipment. Strive to have the best-equipped character in all of Midgard!

There are two kinds of PvP combat modes in Ragnarok Online; the Nightmare mode and the Yoyo mode. These two PvP modes are only available to players who are above level 31. To increase your chances of success in the quirky client game, it is wise to form a strong guild with friends. To do this, you will need an Emperium - an ore type item.

Your guild can even design a unique emblem to ensure you are distinguishable on the battlefield. Guilds can enter the thrilling War of Emperium, where groups of players battle against each other for control of the castle. Only the Ragnarok Online guild who destroys the Emperium can become the castle’s owner, receiving along with it a host of benefits.

In Ragnarok Online, you are able to tame one of 24 wild monsters into a cute loyal pet. Depending on their owner’s emotions and level of intimacy, pets will also use emotions to communicate their feelings.

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