Ragnarok Online 2
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Ragnarok Online 2
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Ragnarok Online 2 Description

Ever thought of taking up cooking? Here’s your chance. Alchemist, Artisan, Blacksmith or Chef: In this roleplaying game you can learn a trade skill and supply fellow players with helpful consumables. To craft items, you need to gather materials.


Adventurer, unsheathe your weapon! Mystical beasts have turned against your people and it is your responsibility to rid villages of any creature that means harm. Ragnarok Online 2 is a fantasy MMORPG that not only holds challenges for a group of experienced heroes, but also gives new players a chance to participate in risky world events. When travelling through the free-to-play onlinegame, buying a mount helps - the swift Peco Peco bird becomes available once you reach level 15.

A Class for Every Playstyle

Compared to its prequel, there are plenty of features in Ragnarok Online 2 that let you individualize your hero’s appearance. During the character creation you will notice a couple of sliders - including hair style, eye color or voice. Before you start your journey, you need to pick a class. While Archers, Magicians and Acolytes attack monsters from afar, Thieves and Swordsmen like to get up close and enfeeble their opponent by using magically imbued weapons. Advanced classes become available once hit level 25. To specialize in a certain trade, visit the respective trainer in Prontera, one of the onlinegame’s bigget cities.

Destroying & Improving Items

As you venture through the magical lands of Ragnarok Online 2, you will encounter a variety of mobs and gather all different kinds of items. When a quest runs particularly long, bag space often becomes a problem. So if you come across any armor, weapon or jewelry that you do not need, activate a catalyst to disassemble the unwanted loot. Once the item in question is destroyed, you gain items that you can then use to refine your current equipment. To do that, you will have to find an expert, turn in the required items and hope for the best. Be aware that there is a chance of destroying the item when trying to improve it.

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