Rage of 3 Kingdoms
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Rage of 3 Kingdoms
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Rage of 3 Kingdoms Description

Step into a world that is torn by war and conflict. You must heed the call that has gone out for heroes and command your troops in battle as you try to claim victory for your nation.


Rage of 3 Kingdoms is a free-to-play, browser-based online game that will challenge players to create an army and command heroes on the field of battle. The rise to greatness is never easy, but if you manage to defeat your enemies and forge alliances with those around you, you could very well lead your troops onto glory.
One of the important things you will have to remember when creating your own empire, is that resources and troops are very important. The resources you harvest are necessary for building new structures, upgrading and helping to supply your growing kingdom. You must secure these resources because if they fall into the hands of your enemies, you could find yourself being defeated rather quickly. However, this is why you need to make sure to recruit enough troops and build up a mighty army. Not only can you recruit spearmen, archers and other warriors, you can also improve your army as well. This can be done by unlocking new army levels.
Battles are not just fought on land though in Rage of 3 Kingdoms. You will also have to show off your mastery of naval skills as well. This is because there are different types of war in the free-to-play strategy game, such as Army War, Nation War, Pirates War and Resources War. Each one of these types has different rules and you will have to make sure to know what your army can and cannot do.
The world of Rage of 3 Kingdoms is not one to be trifled with. You are one of thousands of players from around the world trying to secure a position for your kingdom and you will have to prove yourself in order to rise to the top!

by Kyle Hayth

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