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Rage of War
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Rage of War Description

The galaxy is torn between two mighty races. Choose your side and build your armies to ensure the survival of your empire and crush your opponents on the battlefield...


Rage of War is a free strategy browser game in which your goal is to build up your empire and destroy your enemies. Choose one of two powerful races to begin your campaign. You can either be the dreaded, insect-like Draconians who are highly-evolved predators and strike lightening fast or the Altarians, an advanced race that prefers peace but has incredibly powerful energy shields and weapons.

The gameplay is very fast in Rage of War. Base structures have an instant build time. This differs from traditional strategy browser games which normally require you to wait long periods of time for buildings to be constructed. The troop recruitment also goes by this rule and you can amass a large army incredibly fast to carry out attacks.

Rage of War provides you with a vast array of troops to recruit to crush your opponents. Each race features many different land and air troops, each with a certain specialization. This allows you to customize your attacks and tailor your strategy to your style of gameplay.

Because of the speed of play, you will have to remain on your toes at all times in Rage of War. The structure of the game is so that alliances are very beneficial. Joining an alliance with fellow players can secure your place in the galaxy as there is always safety in numbers. You can also create an alliance, not just join one and invite other players to fight under your banner.

Rage of War also features various map options that allow you to have a complete overview of your empire as well as those surrounding you. You can see where your friends and allies lie by using the galaxy map or focus on your own structures by maintaining focus through the city overview. The universe is expansive and you will need to know where other star systems and contested territories are.

Take part in the epic galactic struggle and show the supremacy of your race by defeating those who oppose you. Rage of War puts you right into the action with face-paced gameplay and countless strategic options to utilize as you defeat your enemies.

by Kyle Hayth

Rage of War Screenshots

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