Radical Rappelling
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Radical Rappelling
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Radical Rappelling Description

Halfbrick Studios’ casual app is nothing for players who are afraid of great heights! In Radical Rappelling, you do just that – rappel down mountains!


Some studios develop games in which you can become a great sorcerer, a brave war hero, a giant monster, or a powerful superhero. In Halfbrick Studios’ releases, you become a ninja who slices fruit in half, a bear who destroys all art, and a gramophone salesman who escapes from the law on a jetpack. The studio has become known for its whacky titles that allow you to slip into the role of the strangest protagonists. In Radical Rappelling, you take on massive mountains – but not necessarily in the way you would think! Instead of climbing up steep cliffs, you rappel down from them in this mobile game by the Australian developer.

Meet Rip and Roxy, two athletic climbers and rappellers who can take on any mountain, cliff, ridge, hill, or canyon. Climbing up is never the issue; the real adventure begins when the two make their way down from the elevation. This is where the fun starts and your game begins. Choose either one of the two rappellers and literally jump into the action. Rip and Roxy each have unique quests and collectibles that you will complete and collect along the way.

Rappel down the mountains in lightning speed while collecting items, power-ups, and other collectibles. Use falling rocks to your advantage to perform high-risk tricks that will further boost your high score. Collect the Randomizer (perfectly appropriate name for such a random game) to equip power-ups including the Recoil Boots and Revives.

If that isn’t enough, you can also compete against your friends in this free-to-play platformer. This will cement your position as the highest risk-taker and greatest adventurer on the planet.

Jump into a fun and quirky adventure unlike any you have ever experienced before! Radical Rappelling further solidifies Halfbrick Studios as an innovative developer. The app is available for Android and iOS devices!

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