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Racing Star
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Racing Star Description

Race with your very cool virtual baby through this fun and colorful online world. Lead your character to victory on different tracks. You race against many other babies...


At the beginning, you create a character you want to play with. Choose between six different babies with six different looks. Each baby has an individual character, which means each of them has their positive and negative sides that will influence the game. So you better think carefully about which baby you choose. Of course, you also need to give your baby a nice name.

In the client-based online game Racing Star, you have the opportunity to let your imagination and creativity run wild. There's a tutorial provided at the beginning of the game. That gives you the chance to get to know the basic features before your first race.

After you start the game you get to the Room Selection. There you can create a new room or join another room. In the room all available players are listed as well as the map that is going to played. You also see which racing mode applies in the room and which vehicles can be chosen.

As soon as every player in the room is happy with the selected settings (such as the map and the weather), the game begins. There are different levels in Racing Star. Starting as a 'Hot Baby' you continue collecting experience and reach higher levels. Perhaps you even become a 'Pro' - the highest level available. You navigate your Racing Star baby with the arrow keys of your keyboard.

by Kyle Hayth

Racing Star Screenshots

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