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QuizUp Description

Who says knowing trivial things isn’t a skill of its own? In this mobile app, you get to show off your general knowledge and beat other players to the punch as you climb the leaderboard in dozens of unique categories. There’s something for everyone!


QuizUp is a quiz game that has not only swept the nation, but also the world. Millions of players from all around the globe have signed up for the free-to-play title to prove that they are the smartest, that they know the most and that they have the knowledge required to rise to the top. Think of QuizUp as a virtual version of Trivial Pursuit in which it is your goal to correctly answer as many questions as possible. The more you get right, the better you will fare. From celebrity gossip to national sport sensations: with over 600 different categories, there are enough topics to cover almost every field of interest.

This mobile game is as much a fun app as it is a social experience. By connecting your QuizUp account to social media networks like Google Plus or Facebook, you can invite friends to join you on a trivia adventure through time and space with just a single tap on the touchscreen. You can also choose to challenge strangers from all different corners of the world and face them in head-to-head battles. Feel like you know everything there is to know about the Harry Potter franchise? Simply choose a topic and see who else claims to be the king or queen of J.K. Rowling’s fantasy universe. An in-game messaging system allows players to talk to each other, be it for taunts or to congratulate each other on a job well done.

Brain games like QuizUp or Pics Quiz require players to pay attention to detail and think on their feet. Here, you only have a certain amount of time to answer a question. That means that firing up Google is out of the question! The good thing is that you are free to pick the topic that you feel the most comfortable with. But hey, you might even pick a new category from time to time and broaden your horizon simply by playing this quiz game available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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