Quests of Gallendor
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Quests of Gallendor
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Quests of Gallendor Description

There was once a raging war between the elemental gods of fire, water, earth and air that suppressed the people of Gallendor. But it is not yet over...


The land of Gallendor was once shadowed by the war between the power-hungry gods of fire, water, earth and air. The people of Gallendor rallied together to overthrow the evil that repressed them. They stormed the castles of the gods and killed them...or so they thought.

The gods had made a pact to fake their deaths, retreat to gather strength and amass their armies, and to return to earth in 1,000 years time to prove once and for all who was the strongest of the four elements. The people of Gallendor have lived in peace, until now. The time has come for the elemental gods in Quests of Gallendor to resurface. Who will win this epic battle for power?

Quests of Gallendor is a free-to-play browser-based online game, with elements of role-playing. Fight against thousands of enemies and embark in endless adventurous quests in this exciting MMOG. In Quests of Gallendor you can join or form an almighty guild with your friends to create a powerful front against your adversaries. You start the game by customizing your own hero character, complete with avatar. You are able to balance your hero's qualities to your preference, focusing on strength, intelligence, dexterity or endurance.

Once you are in the browser game you embark on various thrilling quests, can find work to earn extra rewards and fight your opponents. As you achieve victory and complete difficult quests you earn points and have the opportunity to have your name listed on the Quests of Gallendor board of honor. Watch your unique hero progress as you overcome difficult challenges and strive to free the land from the grips of evil in Quests of Gallendor.

by Kyle Hayth

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