Quest’n Goblins: New Update Brings New Content for Dungeon Crawler

05/11/2012 04:50 am in News

Goblin tormentors and dungeon crawlers alike can now enjoy new content in the free-to-play, browser-based RPG, Quest’n Goblins. A new update was rolled out yesterday and it brought along a number of new features and content additions.
Quest'n Goblins

Quest'n Goblins

The second update to be introduced for the dungeon crawling adventure RPG, Quest’n Goblins, went live yesterday. The new version of the fun and creepy title gives beta testers the chance to experience more content and new features.

One of the biggest changes that came along yesterday to Quest’n Goblins is the integration of premium content. Although still in the Closed Beta, players now have the chance to upgrade their gaming experience.

Along with the integration of premium content, Quest’n Goblins testers also have the chance to try out a new character, earn unlockable achievements, dive into new quests and even experience brand new overground maps.

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