Quest'n Goblins
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Quest'n Goblins
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Quest'n Goblins Description

Your tiny little horde awaits your every command as you explore spooky catacombs and embark on quite the creepy adventures in this free-to-play browser game.


In the action-packed 3D browser game Quest'n Goblins, goblins play a central and important role. Alongside your goblins, you will explore the deep and dark catacombs of the world of Ethreons. Dark dungeons, strange swamps, forests that appear to creep in from all sides and caves filled with some of the most terrifying creatures you have ever seen are all a part of this hack'n'slash browser game. During your adventures, you will be accompanied by your little horde of goblins, waiting to follow every command.

For your adventures in Quest'n Goblins, you will need to outfit yourself with different weapons and learn powerful spells which you can use to obliterate your enemies as well as defend yourself. Again and again you will be able to use these powerful spells. Your small, quite brave creatures that are at your command possess unique abilities which you can also use in any skirmish you may find yourself in during your adventures in the catacombs. The abilities are powerful and can be combined with the powers other creatures to eliminate your enemies in the action role-playing game.

In the free-to-play browser game Quest'n Goblins, you will find yourself being tested in a variety of different settings. You will have to defeat aggressive opponents in the darkest of caves or fight giant monster-spiders in the middle of a forest. Regardless of where you go, in Quest'n Goblins you will encounter the most dangerous of foes. Only with good tactics and support from your goblin horde will you be able to survive.

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