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Quake Live
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What originally started out as a browser game has now turned into a standalone version of the classic Quake 3 first-person shooter. Enjoy Quake Live.


If you are itching to relive the classic days of online shooters, this is your chance to do so. Quake Live is the equivalent of Quake III Arena. Joining the community only takes a couple of quick steps. After setting up an account and downloading the game, you are good to go and ready to jump into one of the many available servers. Most matches - depending on the game mode - are divided into two unique teams: Both Red and Blue follow the goal of diminishing the other group’s forces until a certain score is met or the time runs out.

You will find yourself exploring a variety of different maps, one more eerie than the other. Every battlefield has its unique perks; some might feature lava that will burn your character, others are located in space and allow you to catapult your foes into oblivion. To spice things up, there are more than just the classic Quake 3 maps that thousands of players already know by heart. Be prepared to enter customized arenas that the MMOFPS community has created.

Settling for a game mode determines how many players you go up against, but also your main objective and the duration of each match. Let’s look at the most common one, namely Free for All. Here, everyone’s your enemy. Forget camaraderie or the friendships you have forged in the online shooter, and get ready to bulk up your characters with armor, extra health and new weapons. While some game modes will only feature a certain set of weapons, most FFA matches offer everything from the melee gauntlet to the rocket launcher. These will have to be earned, though, so keep an eye out for possible upgrades while hiding from enemy players.

Quake Live requires you to be quick on your feet and encourages you to be trigger-happy: The longer you wait, the bigger the chance that someone’s already fragged you down. Don’t worry too much about blood splatter blurring your vision, as this is a teen-rated version of the once so bloody first-person shooter.

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