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Pyramid Raid
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Pyramid Raid Description

A unique adventure awaits you in this PC and mobile game! Make your way to Egypt and check out this fun mix of jump’n’run gameplay and the opportunity to create your very own levels…


Travian Games’ (Travian, Rail Nation) latest mobile and PC game brings you all the way to Egypt! In Pyramid Raid, you have the opportunity to go on fun adventures right in the center of this ancient nation. Haven’t you always dreamed of bumping into mummies in dark tombs? In this jump and run game, you will take control of the mummy yourself. Your goal is to plunder treasures - easier said than done! Legend has it that you were once a reputable merchant who travelled the country and earned his money in an honest manner. Unfortunately, as a mummy, you don’t physically own any of your riches anymore. However, your wealth is not the only thing that has left you - as a mummy, you also couldn’t care less about your reputation anymore. Instead, you make your way through difficult levels searching for hidden treasures. If you’ve ever heard myths and folklore about pyramids, you will know that they are supposedly full of traps. In Pyramid Raid, you should always be mindful of these obstacles which might end your journey sooner than later. Since this mobile game features jump and run gameplay, you will simply jump over and run away from any dangerous trap!

Pyramid Raid also gives you the opportunity to raid other players’ tombs. You will just have to bear in mind that sooner or later, the robbed ones will counter-raid you. In order to make it less likely that you get robbed in the online game, you have to make sure that your treasures are safely stored and hidden in your pyramid. Yup, you heard right! This game also features sandbox elements which allow you to build your own fortress. Make sure to create a labyrinth that none of your friends can easily run through. If you’re lucky, your creations might even be selected for the tournament mode.

Pyramid Raid is a perfect mix of jump and run and level-editor. It is available on Steam, Android, and iOS devices.

Pyramid Raid Screenshots

Pyramid Raid Screenshot-0Pyramid Raid Screenshot-1Pyramid Raid Screenshot-2Pyramid Raid Screenshot-3Pyramid Raid Screenshot-4Pyramid Raid Screenshot-5Pyramid Raid Screenshot-6Pyramid Raid Screenshot-7

Pyramid Raid News

  • Pyramid Raid: Early Access Launch on Steam

    10/15/2015 03:05 am - This free-to-play cross between a tower defense and platform game has entered Early Access. Pyramid Raid is bringing Marvin the Mummy to Mac and PC via a Steam launch. It is now available to download, and players can design their own pyramids....more

  • Pyramid Raid: New Cross-platform Build and Run Game

    01/14/2015 05:04 am - Prepare for some mummified raiding action in this new free-to-play build and run game. This new cross-platform game from Travian (Travian, Rail Nation), invites players to become tomb raiders and explore the depths of player-made Egyptian mazes. Tak...more

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